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What are the effects of these changes for you as employers?

  • One significant operation change from the employer’s perspective is that new referrals will no longer be considered for provisional listing on PoCA or PoVA, although you must still continue to make referrals as at present (provisional listing stops staff working whilst a decision on whether or not to bar is being considered);
  • As the scheme becomes fully implemented over a 5 year period anyone who wants to work, or volunteer to work with, children or vulnerable adults in any regulated activity will be legally required to be registered with the ISA;
  • The ISA will continue to pass on to employers information on individuals being considered for barring, until the scheme goes fully live (provided the employer did not make the initial referral); and   
  • More onerous legal duty to refer appropriate information to the ISA; and

 A VBS (Vetting and Barring Scheme) check will be required for all employees in regulated activities to meet your legal requirements placed on employers by the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act To find out more about the scheme and how it affects your particular business call our Regulatory Team at info@Augustine or Telephone: 020 8301 8183.

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