Augustine Clement

Seyi Clement of Augustine Clement Solicitors said that Augustine Clement is proud to be appointed to this role. This appointment is in recognition of the firm’s expertise in collaborative working arrangements and its growing reputation in charity law. The Diana Award is a charity created in 1999 by the Diana Memorial Committee to carry on the good works of the late Princess, and to ensure that Princess Diana’s faith and belief in the power of young people to change the world for the better will never die. As an add-on to the Award, the charity launched the Diana Alumni programme which supports Award holders on their journey into adulthood, helping them fulfil their potential through a tailored programme of mentoring, training and work experience opportunities.’, ‘Diana Award appoints Augustine Clement Solicitors to advise on new project.’, ‘The Diana Award (a charity created in 1999 by the Diana Memorial Committee) appoints Augustine Clement Solicitors as its legal advisers on the formation of a partnership with 3 major UK organizations as part of the Diana Alumni programme.