Augustine Clement

Commercial Landlords dealt a blow by the Government

You may have seen in the news today that the Government has announced that it will be extending the moratorium on the forfeiture of commercial leases and CRARs (commercial rent arrears recovery) until 25th March 2022.  Their main objective in doing so is to protect jobs, by allowing businesses to continue to trade when they […]

Evaluating the Employer’s decision to dismiss.

The CoA in DPP Law Ltd v Greenberg, upheld the decision by an employer to dismiss a senior lawyer for accepting a gift of £150.00 from the father of a client. For course, the fact that the policy of the employer prohibited the acceptance of significant gifts from clients and the client was in receipt […]

Virtual hearing to become the norm at Employment Tribunals.

Virtual hearings will become a constant feature of the employment tribunal even once coronavirus restrictions are lifted, according to Judge Barry Clarke and Judge Shona Simon, presidents of the employment tribunals in England and Wales and Scotland, respectively.  In their roadmap which was published last week, they submitted that reverting to face-to-face hearings would not […]

Extension to moratorium on sanctions by commercial landlord for rent arrears.

On 16th September, the Government extended the moratorium on the sanctions available to commercial landlord for rent arrear to the end of 2020. The new statutory instrument comes into force on 29th September 2020. The moratorium was initially introduced in March 2020 and was due to end on 30th June 2020. On 19th June, this […]

COVID 19 – Update – Commercial leases and Rent Arrears

Since the government issued the Press Release titled “Extra protection for businesses with a ban on evictions for commercial tenants who miss rent payments” on 23rd March 2020, we have been inundated with calls from commercial tenants and landlords alike on the effect of the proposal on their obligations and rights under their leases.  The […]

COVID 19 – Update – The Job Retention Scheme to the end of October 2020

The Government has confirmed that from the start of August to the end of October, furloughed staff will be able to return to work part-time and their wage costs of 80% will be split between the government and their employer. Many of our clients are asking how this split will work.  For example, if a […]

When to seek a decree Absolute before having a final financial order.

When it comes to applying for decree absolute, solicitors tend to advise clients not to apply for a decree absolute until all the finances have been finalised and the consent order has been approved by the court. There are often good reasons for this, but it is one of those cases where, if it is […]

Tier 1 (Investor) Visa – Short Guide

The Immigration Rules Points Based System   “The rules governing the PBS are set out in the Immigration Rules and the appendices to those rules. These provisions have now achieved a degree of complexity which even the Byzantine Emperors would have envied.” – Lord Justice Jackson in Pokhriyal [2013] EWCA Civ 1568. As can be […]